Carpet Cleaning

“It’s Thorough, Dries Quickly, and Stays Clean Longer!”

The Problem – Carpet That Needs a Deep Professional Cleaning

Carpets get dirty and stained over time. This is a natural process that can’t be avoided. Dirty carpet can cause a home to look and smell unclean, and it can even cause family members and pets to feel unwell. The vacuum cleaner can pick up lint and dust, but it cannot remove stains, and it cannot clean grime, gunk, and unhealthy residual materials off of carpet hairs. Professional carpet cleaning is the solution to this problem. Fortunately, it’s an easy solution, and one that won’t be too hard on your pocketbook.

The Solution – Professional Carpet Cleaning

The carpet cleaning industry is immense. Providers offer a fantastically diverse rainbow of carpet cleaning solutions. Our team here at Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning uses a method called hot water extraction, or HWE for short. This method is required by Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet manufacturer. The procedure is gentle on your carpet, yet extremely effective. It thoroughly cleans away all manner of grit, debris, grime, dander, pollen, mites, gunk, and stains of practically any stripe. Your carpet will be left clean, and it will be noticeably brighter and more even looking. It will also smell fresh and clean, and it will be healthier for you, your family, and your pets.

The hot water extraction method is sometimes nicknamed “steam cleaning.” But calling it “steam cleaning” is a misnomer. The process does not use steam to clean. Rather, it uses water pressure to agitate dirt, debris, and other materials; and it deploys hot water to speed up the reaction rate of the cleaning.

Not all HWE processes are created equal. The quality of the carpet cleaning job will depend on the skills and training of the technicians who work on your floor coverings. Contact the professional carpet cleaners at Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning for the most thorough carpet cleaning you have ever experienced.


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