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Protect Your Carpet: Maryland

Protect Your Carpet: Maryland Looking for a way to extend the life of your carpet in your business office or home office? Using a carpet protector can add years to the life of the carpet. In an office setting, the weight and movement of the

Iron Burn Carpet Repair Rockville MD

Iron Burn Carpet Repair Rockville MD A nice lady from Rockville MD contacted our office the other day. She had an iron burn on her newly installed carpet; and was beside herself as the carpet had been installed only a week prior and don’t know

Carpet Cleaning Potomac MD

Carpet Cleaning Potomac MD The carpet on stairs seems to attract more dirt than other areas of carpet in the home. This is typically caused by the amount of traffic those stairs receive. You’ve found a professional carpet cleaners who are certified in carpet cleaning and

Water Damage Carpet Re-installation MD

Water Damage Carpet Re-installation MD Flooding and Water Damage are random disasters that can impact a homeowner at any time. Flooding and Water Damage can occur from the weather, but also from indoor plumbing issues or water heater malfunctions, etc.  Maryland Carpet Repair & Cleaning understands how stressful

Carpet To Tile Transition Columbia MD

Carpet to Tile Transition Columbia MD As homeowners, we love to renovate our homes. This client had new tile placed in her foyer, and needed the carpet to tile transition to be re-attached. These carpet repair services are usually the last thing to complete the renovation. Our

Carpet Repair Laurel MD

Carpet Repair Laurel MD The carpet repair process doesn’t take long, but it does take a trained technician and specific carpet tools. That’s why hiring a certified carpet technician is best. We will treat your repair as if it was in our own home, making sure it is done