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Archive: May 2016

Carpet Stretching in Rockville MD

Carpet Stretching job in Rockville MD Carpet have bumps and lumps? Have your carpet professionally stretched by a local carpet repair company and save $. Visit us online today at www.MarylandCarpetRepair.com or give us a call at (240) 257-6244 to discuss options.

maryland carpet stretching

Maryland Carpet Stretching

Maryland Carpet Stretching Maryland Carpet Repair and Cleaning was called by a local client in Gaithersburg, MD for professional carpet stretching.  Their carpet was installed when the home was built in 2014 and shortly after developed ripples. Carpet that has been properly installed will remain

Maryland Carpet Repair – Bethesda

Maryland Carpet Repair – Bethesda This carpet repair job in Bethesda, MD was done by a certified carpet repair technician at Maryland Carpet Repair. We fix all types of carpet issues for a fraction of the cost to replace it. We offer: Carpet Stretching (for

Carpet Stretching Service Maryland

Carpet Stretching Service Maryland How do you know when its time for professional carpet stretching? Does your carpet look like it suddenly has waves? Is it beginning to bulge around the edge of your rooms. Are you concerned that your carpet is now a tripping

Prevent Mold from Spreading

Prevent Mold from Spreading: Take Away its Food The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recognizes how water damage situations (such as from clogged drains, hot water heaters, sewage backups, etc) can be potentially hazardous… not only after it happens, but over time as well.

Maryland Pet Odor Removal

Maryland Carpet Repair Urine & Odor Removal

Maryland Carpet Repair Urine & Odor Removal Removing pet odor and urine issues from your carpet can be a complex procedure. Those odors may lie hidden throughout the colder winter months however as temperatures and humidity levels rise, so do those irritating odors. You may